Feature List

This is a list of features (in no real particular order) of things that Postal can do.

General features:

  • Support for multiple organizations with mail servers and users within.
  • Graphs and stats showing volume of incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Access to view historical messages.
  • Access to view the full outgoing and incoming message queue.
  • Set up webhooks to receive live information about delivery information in realtime. Full access to the last 7 days of webhook requests are also stored for debugging purposes.
  • Built-in DNS checking and monitoring to ensure domains you send mail from are configured correctly for maximum deliverability.
  • Per server retention configuration to set how long messages should be kept in the database and the maximum size to keep on disk.
  • Complete logging so delivery issues can easily be identified.
  • Mail server wide search tools to find messages that need investigation.

Outgoing e-mails:

  • Send messages to the SMTP server or using the HTTP API.
  • Manage multiple credentials per server.
  • Support for DKIM signing of outbound messages.
  • Enable development to hold messages in Postal without actually delivering them to recipients (message can be viewed in the Postal interface).
  • Built-in suppression list to avoid sending mail to recipients that don't exist or can't accept e-mail.
  • Click and open tracking to keep track of when recipients open your e-mails and click links within them.
  • Configure per-server send limits to avoid abuse on mail servers.
  • Management of multiple pools of sending IP addresses.
  • Configure different senders or recipients to have mail delivered from certain IP addresses.
  • Mail tagging so certain e-mails can be given a tag to allow them to be grouped when needed. For example, you may tag receipts or password-reset e-mails as such.

Incoming e-mails:

  • Ability to forward incoming e-mail to HTTP endpoints.
  • Ability to forward incoming e-mail to other SMTP servers.
  • Ability to forward incoming e-mail to other e-mail addresses.
  • Spam & thread checking with SpamAssassin and ClamAV with configurable thresholds and different methods for dealing with spam messages.

This is a list of features (in no real particular order) of things that Postal can do.